How I can help…

People often ask me about the different ways I can help their friends and families.  As a mortgage professional, I get a number of calls from past clients, realtors, friends and families about how I can help their friends / clients / family members, etc.

People often ask me “Do you do mortgages for;” followed by an example of the potential clients situation, credit experience and employment.  Based on the information I receive, I match them up with the best products and companies to match their needs and situation for the present and the future.

In order to best help anyone you know, I have created a list of the different ways I can help the people you may know.  Here is a list of the different types of mortgage products and solutions I offer:

Purchases across Canada

Rental and Investment properties



New Builds

Cottages and vacation properties

New to Canada program

Self – Employed

Homeowner lines of credit

Private mortgages

“B” Deals

Zero-down mortgages

Commercial properties

A lot of these deals can be combined to create a customized financing solution for almost anyone.