Community Mortgage Movement Supports Local Businesses

Everyone can make an impact on their community by helping to shop local and supporting local businesses. While small businesses generate new jobs and they’re also an asset to the local community. Here are some ways that small businesses help to improve the community:

Shop Local

Shopping local is great for the community. Local businesses are the backbone of the economy and community. Two or three times as much money spent stays in the local community when you buy locally made goods or services rather than chain stores.

Community Identity

Take a stroll down the main street of your city and town and you’ll most likely notice that each community has its own unique and local charm. All types of small businesses help to contribute to a community’s identity. Many municipalities and tourism boards have prioritized preserving the unique character a vibrant small business community creates– transforming that character into an advantage.

Create Local Jobs

When you shop at and invest in your local business you create more jobs in the local community. Small businesses are local job creators and most of the jobs are local. This of course is better than having to commute to a different city, employees can work closer to home. When a community has a vibrant commercial centre, it helps to create an ample opportunity for these workers to shop at local businesses. For example, an employee might take a lunch break or grab a drink from a local bar. This keeps the money local and further creates a tight knit community.

Diverse, Locally Made Products and Services

One of a kind and locally made products can attract customers to a community,

Locally made goods are also very attractive to residents of the city that want to lower their carbon footprint, support local businesses and make sure that their tax dollars are kept closer to home.

Community Involvement

Small businesses are an integral part of the community they live and work in. Therefore, they tend to be aware of how their decisions will impact the community. In addition, local shops tend to be involved in the community and may help to sponsor local events or local sports team, even help with volunteering throughout the city.

These of course are just a few examples of how small businesses are important and help the local communities they are a part of.

These establishments help to benefit our local economy, personal relationships and help with building the local community. So why not join in and help with #SmallBusinessSaturday and shop local, while supporting the London community!