Things not to do before closing a sale

Things Not To Do Before Closing

You have worked to secure financing for your mortgage, you have a great rate and terms for it. Everything is good, all you must do is wait for advancement of funds. Sometimes you might suffer a lapse in judgement when it comes to the closing the sale of your home. It is sometimes a stressful

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Mortgages and Entrepreneurs London Ontario

Mortgages and Entrepreneurs

When we are talking about mortgages, most of us assume it is about families and having a stable income that can pay off the mortgage after a certain time. What is rarely talked about is mortgages and entrepreneurs and their plans; as we know being self-employed means your salary can vary monthly, versus being an

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Bridge Financing London, Ontario Mortgages

Bridge Financing, What Is It?

What is Bridge Financing? It is a useful tool made available to borrowers when the closing date of the home they are purchasing is before the closing date of the home they are selling. This is generally common in a seller’s market, buyers often explore the idea of making a firm offer without conditions, even

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Mortgage Rates London Ontario

Why The Best Mortgage Rate May Not Always Be The Lowest

Just like when looking for a car, it isn’t always the best option to choose the cheapest one you find, it is the one that is best suited for you and your lifestyle. So just like when looking at mortgages, choosing the one with the lowest interest rates might not be the best option for

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Mortgage Application was denied, now what?

My Mortgage Application Was Denied, Now What?

Owning your home is not only a dream but a financial goal for many in Canada. However, factors like housing prices, interest rates, and new mortgage rules that came into effect have made it a little more difficult to get a home. If you have recently had your mortgage application denied you may be wondering

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