Community Mortgage Movement’s Charity Highlight: Merrymount


I’d like to start to share with my followers some of the charities that myself and Community Mortgage Movement are involved with.One of the charities I work with is Merrymount.

Merrymount is a family support and crisis centre and their focus is on helping children by supporting their families in a time of crisis or transition. The ultimate goal of this charity is to provide supports and services so that families can stay together. Believe or not, it is the only centre of its kind in Canada!


Merrymount has been providing programs and services to London’s families and children for 142 years. Merrymount Children’s Centre was established back in 1874 as the Protestant Home for Orphans, Aged and Friendless. When the child welfare system took responsibility for the wardship of orphans in the 1890s, the Home began to shift its focus on residential care for children of families in crisis or transition. A new home was built as a Centennial project in 1967 and when the centre opened, the name Merrymount was adopted to reflect its non-denominational approach. The facility is located on 1064 Colborne Street and was built back in 1991.

They help to service over 8,000 families each year within the London, St. Thomas and Woodstock area. Some of the services that they offer include: round-the-clock programs for safer overnight care, education and prevention programs for adults and children, Is a partner in the City of London’s Social Services Network and London’s Child and Youth Network and is often the first place a family in crisis is referred.


Merrymount also provides families with building on their own strengths, provides resources, counselling, emergency child care and support and navigation of difficult life circumstances through their 8 different programs: Family and Child Support Program, Crisis Residential/Respite Program, Parenting Groups, Children’s Groups, Supervised Access, All Kids Belong, The Ontario Early Years Centre and the Community Outreach Program


If you or anyone you know is experiencing a family in crisis, contact or call them today at 519-434-6848.
If you would like to help out Merrymount or attend one of their fundraising events be sure to check out their upcoming events and help our community or if you are unable to attend they do accept donations through their website.

January Impact Report

January Impact Report

In January, Community Mortgage Movement agreed to be a sponsor for the Community Living London’s Night of Heroes. This night will be held on February 22, 2018 at the Convention Centre. This will be the third year that Community Mortgage Movement has sponsored the event. You can see a recap from the 24th annual Night of Heroes here.


This month I also attended a regular leadership development committee meeting at the London Community Foundation. This charity works with many leaders and advisors in the London area and to help ensure that the group remains in touch with the London community.


Another event that we agreed to sponsor is the “Night of Country in the Country”- in support of My Sisters Place. My Sisters Place aims to reduce homelessness for women and to support women to find and keep safe, affordable housing. At the same time, we connect women with CMHA Middlesex mental health services


Received a thank you from Pillar Non Profit for being a community sponsor for their 2017 Pillar Innovation Awards. The Pillar Community Innovation Awards celebrate nonprofits and charities and the individuals, businesses and government sector organizations who work with them to make our community brighter.


On Saturday, January 27, I attended an Ocean Wise Sustainable Seafood tasting menu at Growing Chefs it was awesome! For those unaware what Growing Chefs helps to unite chefs, educators, growers and the community. They help to get kids and communities excited about healthy and wholesome food. Since they teamed up with Ocean Wise, the event featured how Growing Chefs is committed to using local, sustainable food sources and talking about sustainable seafood in Canada.


With over one billion people depending on seafood as their primary source of protein. Choosing to eat Ocean Wise recommended sustainable seafood helps to relieve the pressure on over-fished species and ensures that we will be able to continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come.


Ocean Wise has set up a classification system, which  is based on two categories: Ocean Wise or Not Recommended, simply a good or bad choice for our oceans. Species are regularly updated or reclassified with the latest scientific information. Classifications, including changes to and Ocean Wise recommendations are provided regularly to Ocean Wise partners. Learn more about our recommendation policy or find a sustainable seafood option.